This page enables you to make purchases for our Post shirts, current Fundraisers and/or the ability to make donations to our American Legion Post 1819 to support our Norwich University Veterans and their families.

For our donations, they are setup as two different price points – $25 and $100.  If you want to make a donation that is in a slightly different amount you can simply can purchase any variety of those combinations and amounts.  You can add more than one to your shopping cart and also increase the quantity (how many you want to purchase) in the shopping cart.  So to donate $75 you can add a $25 and specify you want a quantity of “3” thus totaling $75.  A donation of $150 could be a $100 item and a $25 item with a quantity of “2” for the $25 item thus totaling $150.

For shirts, make sure you select the correct size when adding an item to your shopping cart.

Thank you for supporting our Norwich Veterans and their families!

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